About Our Company

We are Innovative Farming, delighted to introduce ourselves as No.1, Bee Venom Producing Company in India. We are also the biggest manufacturer of Bee Venom Collecting machines. Our firm is located in Gurgaon. Our company is well aware of the fact that many Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Companies import bee venom from abroad. Our firm is more than capable and well efficient to supply them with quality and quantity Bee Venom as per market standards.

In the process of conducting business with us, companies will not only save our valuable foreign currency from going out but will also encourage our country's beekeeping industry.

Facilitating the growth of our bee-keeping industry will result in more pollination which will have a direct and qualitative impact on the production of crops in our country.

We are all equally responsible for our country's development in different capacities. Importer’s willingness to purchase bee venom produced by Indian beekeepers will increase their contribution to our country's development.

Our Services

Production Of Bee Venom

In this process our highly experienced team goes to Bee Keepers and collect Bee Venom, Bee keepers are paid as per the agreed terms, this is a extra income to the Beekeeper and no Bee’s are harmed during the process

Supply of Bee Veonm

Whatever Produced Bee Venom is stored in a Dark Glass Bottle and kept in Minus Temperature.

Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical companies has a huge requirement of Bee Venom it is then tested and supplied to them as per their requirements

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